Dana Passage Thurston 17794R Southwest info@nwwatersystems.com

07/16/23 - message sent to residents from Austin (POC): 

You are receiving this message because your water will be turned off tomorrow (Monday, July 17) beginning at approximately 1PM and lasting until potentially 4PM. (DPWS Board members are also cc'd on this email for situational awareness.)

This shutoff from the 8400 Block of Evergreen Dr to the end of Evergreen Dr (including 85th Ct NE) is necessary to try to identify the source of a possible leak in our system.

We are hoping that the outage will not last the full three hours, but we are reserving that window just in case. 

As always, it is advisable that you run your water for a minute or two after the water service returns. It is possible that you will notice some discoloration of your water following the shutoff. If that is the case, we suggest you open your outdoor faucets and run them for approximately 10 minutes to clear the discoloration. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.


2022 CCR Has been uploaded to customer data base. Questions in regard to the CCR need to be directed to info@nwwatersystems.com

Created on Feb. 16, 2022 at  9:41 AM (PST). Last updated by Cynthia, Whiteman, on July 17 at  9:04 AM (PDT). Owned by Savi, Newman.
Newman Savi
Whiteman, Cynthia
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